Monday, January 24, 2011

Stuck in the middle

When I went to class today, I found myself a seat and there were two empty seats on both sides of me. That was the best seat (at the time) because I didn't want to walk down too many stairs with the problem I had been having with my knee and then would have to walk back up. So I found this seat that was closest to the door and then I could stretch out my leg for a little while. Just as I was about to do that, these two young guys come in late and grabbed the two seats on both sides of me.

Even though my knee was feeling better, I was just silently praying that I would be able to withstand it not being propped up for a little while until I got home. Well sure enough, my knee didnt hurt but I so wanted to make a homemade tattoo for both these young bucks and marker lot their eyes with my highlighter. The guy on the left of me kept clicking his pen on and off and at that point, I wanted to snatch it out of his hand and just throw it in the trash can. The guy that was on the right of me must have had some kind of twitch cause he kept shaking his leg and the vibration went through the table. For a minute I just looked at his leg and then he stopped. Then something tells me he was having a bipolar moment cause then he just started biting his fingernails and spitting them in the air.

I wanted to say, "Yo dude, PLEASE STOP before I change my mind with the highlighter and make it a permanent marker instead." Or I could just take my ear-ring out of my ear and pierce his eyelid. I just glanced at him and pulled my books closer and he took the hint and stopped. This can't be like this on next Monday. I might have to take my lawn chair in my trunk.

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