Monday, January 3, 2011

I think I may be drunk...

...Ok not really. I just typed that to get your attention. I am in no way perfect but I have never had an inkling to drink...EVER! Most people, when they are getting close to 21 would say that they can hardly wait so they can be legal to drink. I have never wanted to drink and I was hoping that when I turned 21 that God would bless me to turn 22. My mom called me a peculiar person. When my friends turned 21, they wanted to go out and celebrate and get their drink on. I didn't go with them because that was just not my thing.

Hubby asked me if I wanted to drink some wine for New Years. I was like, "Not really." He said that we would buy something cheap for me to try it since this would be my first time drinking the stuff. I reluctantly agreed and so off we went to the grocery store. There were so many to choose from. When I mentioned it on my FB page, my cousins and one of my sisters wanted to try and recommend a wine for me to try. Yeah, yeah, yeah I read the comments but it didn't phase me at all.

So hubby had the wine chilled and I actually felt like Betty Wright when she sang, "Tonight is the night." I felt all nervous and stuff and so our 17 year old daughter said, "Mom, it's wine. Jesus drank wine." I said, "Give it up for Jesus...woot, woot!!" She then said, "I wish I could drink some wine." I heard her and ignored her at the same time. So after the wine got all chilled, hubby said we were going to have a glass and he said he would give me the honors of opening the wine. I had no idea how to open it and that cork thing didn't want to come out and then it popped and scared the bejeezers out of me that I almost dropped the bottle. Hubby was laughing at me because I had never done that before. So I asked hubby if I can have some ice, he laughed at me again and said I didn't need any ice because it was already chilled. OH OK!

So I took one sip and then hubby asked me what did I think. I said, "I think I may be drunk." Everybody got them a good tickle and hubby said that I couldn't get drunk off one sip.  OOOOOH OK!! I think my alcohol days ended the moment it began. Now I can say that I drank wine for the very first time and it wasn't all that to me. Oh well, such is life. Needless to say, that bottle is still in the fridge. My sister will chug-a-lug it when she comes to visit.


  1. I'm not an avid drinker either. I finally had a few drinks the other night after not drinking at all for the past 7 years, simply because I don't like the taste. And if you were or are thinking of having a drink now and then, I suggest you start with a fouffy pink drink, rather than boring old wine.
    Did you want that advice? Probably not. Yet for some reason, I felt compelled to share. Forgive me! I must be tipsy! :)

  2. It is possible to feel 'drunk' after a sip of anything with alcohol if you're not a drinker. I use to be a wine drinker and actually TRIED to have a glass of red wine everyday for health reasons, but I couldn't handle it and haven't had anything to drink in a long while. I think a sip of wine with your hubby once every blue moon can be a romantic gesture though! Share the glass!

  3. I am laughing so hard visualizing your reaction when the cork went pop!! One of my closest friends is exactly the same, never drank, never had a desire.. I think I'm the only person that never bugs her about it... me, I'm no boozer but I do love hanging out with my good friend Cabernet Sauvignon when the kids are at their dads!