Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't cross me

I do payroll in my department. I don't write checks or anything. I just make sure all the time is turned in correctly and on time. So if one of my instructors has any problem with the amount of hours that were turned in, they need to see me. Point blank. Going to see payroll department who write the checks will result in them sending you right back to the department who turned in the hours. Point blank. The same thing goes for when an instructor goes to the department head regarding their hours turned in. All she is going to do is send you right back to me to see what hours were submitted for you.

With that being said, this numb-nut of an instructor sends my boss an e-mail and in the e-mail, this is what he said: "I dont think I am being paid for this semester of teaching. I want to know if you can check into this for me and get back with me because I don't see any money being direct deposited in my account." HA! And guess what she goes and do, she goes and sends me the e-mail and says for me to check on this and e-mail him back. Did he expect me to get in trouble for something? What was his goal in this?

Now if this idiot had read his dog-gone e-mail that I sent out two weeks ago to all instructors saying that your first check for the semester will be January 28 and not January 14, then he could have avoided himself a little stupidity. They should know that every time they try and cross me, it always come to bite them in the butt. So now that the boss wants me to e-mail him, all I'm gonna do is just forward him that same e-mail that I sent out the first time and in big bold letters it will say: PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT message. I'm not gonna add anything else to it.  No, I'm not doing dirt for dirt but I work with some messy people and this is just to let him know, that when you dig one ditch, you need to dig two. If I was an evil person, I would accidentally on purpose not turn in hours for him in two weeks. Whew, I'm glad God has saving grace from all this foolishness.


  1. If you dig one ditch you need to dig two...I've never heard that before, but it's my new catch phrase!
    You have the patience of a saint, that's all I gotta say about that.

  2. You are continually tested on your job. It might not be funny to you, but it sure is funny reading it!