Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something sounds fishy

Our neighbors across the street were having a man thing going on frying fish and such. Hubby just couldn't wait to get back across the street to where I was to tell me that the fellows had just gone fishing and they have tons of fish. I was looking at him like, come on with the darn story already "and you're telling me this because....." He said, "Hun, when they finish cleaning the fish and start frying it, I'm gonna bring you a hot piece of fish." My mouth started slobbering dripping spit  getting all excited about the thought of a nice hot piece of fish. So I figured that since I was gonna get me a piece of that dead creature that once lived in water fish, I didn't bother to get anything satisfying to eat.

I was beginning to get all antsy from just the mere thought of it. I felt like a bear who had been stranded in the wilderness and just so happen to stumble upon a flowing stream. A little time had passed and I was thinking to myself that the fish has got to be done by now. What is taking that hubby of mine so long in bringing the hot greasy goodness to me! Finally hubby comes through the door and what to my wandering eyes did I see? Not one piece of fish that was intended for me. I looked at his hands then back at him, then back at his hands then back at him and he began to tell me that other fellows had come over and there wasn't any fish for me. NO FISH? Ok, let's get this story straight: Hmmmm, so you (meaning hubby) ate fish. He nods and while you were eating, did you not once say, "Let me go on and take this piece to wifey since I told her it was coming. I asked how come he didn't think to bring it to me before everybody else came and the obvious answer came out of his mouth: I WASN'T THINKING. That is when our 17 year old daughter exclaimed to hubs - OOOOO YOU'RE IN TROUBLE NOW.  I won't put him in the fish dog house this time.

Fish tales! fish on a hot tin roof, fishy fishy bang bang, it's your fish do what you wanna do, celebrate good fish come on, what's fish got to do got to do with it, so I guess it'll be hook, line and sinker....and I'm calling it a night on that note.

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  1. ROFLOL! There is nothing worse than smacking those lips in preparation for something that isn't going to show up. LOL!