Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just what I Knee-d (revisited)

Well yall, here I go again. I think it has been one whole week since I told you about my knee. I was asked to come and give yall an update so here I am, doing just that. At first I was putting ice in a bag and putting it on my knee and that would work for a few hours but then I couldn't wear a bag of ice to work. I can just imagine the stares and glares of water dripping from under my pants. Yeah, that even sounded awkward to me. I will say that I appreciate you all for thinking of me and e-mailing me wondering if I was ok. I was down but not out. I was limping and I knew that God really had a plan for my knee.

So one evening after work, hubby called one of our friends in ATL who happens to be a nurse and he asked her what did she think was wrong with my knee. She said she thinks it is just sprained and that I may have just pushed too many weights at the gym and she then told us to go to Wal-Mart and go in the area where the medicated pads were and find this stuff called SALONPAS. I have NEVER heard of it before and if you haven't either, now doesn't it sound like something that a beautician would use? I don't know about you, but just the name of it made me think it was something that was for an eyebrow wax.

At first when our friend spelled it out to me, I thought she had made a mistake and was really going bonkers but off to the store we went anyway and found what she told us to get. SALONPAS are medicated pads and after we got home and I had taken a nice shower, I applied the pads to the front and back of my knee and kept them on all night and this was the first night since I had been having pain that I was actually able to sleep through the night. Yall let me be the believer to tell you that them dog gone pads work. I got up the next morning and felt like a new person with a new walk. I took those pads off and put on another set of pads before I left for work. I felt like I wanted to do a cheer. Yall just don't know! I wore them pads all day on my knee and then when I got home and got all cleaned up, I put on a fresh set of pads. It feels like I have a new knee. I sat back and thought how something so simple as walking can surely make you appreciate God even more. I'm all padded up and it feels great. Now yall go on out and get some of those pads and keep them in your medicine cabinet. Tell 'em that the Queen sent ya. I won't mind.

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  1. Hubby hasn't said much about them, which means they must be working for him also. I noticed he doesn't struggle standing up as much as he usually does and he hasn't taken a pain pill all day. Thank you so much for sharing your knee pain and your solution. Hip Hip Hooray for SALONPAS!