Monday, January 17, 2011

It's business, don't take it personal

Remember the furniture that we were giving to someone because we were getting new furniture.....well hubby had mentioned that we should sell the furniture and asked me what did I think a fair price would be. I really couldn't think of a fair price because we had the furniture for so long that I really didn't know how much furniture would be. I told the guy to just give us $25.00 and that included a couch and a loveseat. A great deal of a steal.

The guy didn't have a truck so he couldn't come and pick up the furniture and so he called hubby and wanted to know if our neighbor would bring the furniture to him. I told hubby that now he is pushing it. We're practically giving away the furniture to you and the least you can do is find someone who can come and get it for you. Hubby and the neighbor went on ahead and took it to his place. When hubby got back, I asked him where was the $25.00. Hubby gave me that look as if he just out that somebody had died. I asked him what was it and then he said, "Ummmm, he can't pay me until Friday." I said, WHAT!!! It wasn't about the money, it was the principle.

I asked hubby why on earth would the guy call and say he is ready for the furniture knowing he didn't have no money on him. Yeah I know it was hubby's friend and all, but business is business. Hubby just said that he would get it from him. I wasn't angry or anything but I told him that he know I don't play that game and that his friend shouldn't take it personal. You wouldn't go in the store and tell the Wal-Mart manager that you're going to get a refrigerator full of food and a few electronics and then come back and pay him later. We always want the hook up, especially if they are our friend; well they have to make a living just like everybody else. Don't come asking a sister for no hook-up cause I'm trying to handle business, and you just might get dissed and be talking to the hand so don't take it personal.

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  1. Thank goodness it was only $25. Good grief! You're right...WE always want a handout or something for FREE.