Saturday, January 1, 2011

How our new year got started

Hubby is a wonderful person but majority of the time, he doesn't listen when I'm trying to tell him stuff. He
wants to venture out on his own and do it his way and I hate to be the person who says "I told you so" even though I try not to say that. Well, see what had happened was........

Hubby asked me if we could invite a couple of people over for New Year's Dinner. I graciously said yes and he said that all he wanted me to do was just have a seat and that he didn't need any help and that he had it all together. I said ok. I asked him why don't he cook the dinner on Friday and then all we would have to do on Saturday is to just warm the food up. Not to mention, I saw where it eas gonna rain. Nooooooooo, hubby wanted to get up on Saturday morning (after being at watch night service and going to bed late) and cook everything FRESH and told me it wasn't gonna rain. Well on Friday night before we went to church, hubby saw that there was a hole in the pot that he was to fry the turkey in. I mentioned to him that we should just go and get a pot before church and have that taken care of. Nooooooooooo, Mr. Hubby says that he can fix it and that it will work out just fine. That is when I threw my arms up and let him do what he do. Oh yeah and it rained.

Well, see what had happened again was.......hubby got the pot outside on Saturday and poured up the oil in the pot and as soon as he did that, oil started dripping out on the concrete. If you've ever seen The Color Purple when Miss Celie just sits back in that rocking chair watching Mister....until he gets the kerosene....then she was out of there. I was just gonna let him eat crow but I saw that oil dripping and I just immediately grabbed a pot and took it to him. He wanted to say thanks but I think his pride wouldn't let him.........then he comes to me and says, "Babe, you think we can go and get that pot?" I almost said NOOOOOOO and I told you so, BUT I didn't. I just said, "Let me grab my purse." Did I mention it is New Year's Day and we expecting company???????

So off to Lowe's we go to get a turkey frying pot because I know how much it meant to him to fry this turkey on New Year's Day since we only do it once a year. I didn't say I told you so.......but that flesh deep down inside wanted to jump out of me and say, "Nah, nah, nah, nah...I was right. I told ya." I let it go. So now he is behind in his cooking process of how he wanted things to turn out. Once again I asked if I could be of assistance to him and once again he said no. He finally got that oil hot enough to drop that turkey in it and I could see a satisfied look on his face. He even called me and said, "Come look at the turkey" (picture above) and I did. Our friends arrived and we had a real nice time talking, eating, laughing, eating, oh did I mention eating! Hubby and I enjoyed the fun, food and fellowship and now he is saying he can hardly wait until next year so he can do it again. GASP!

Lovingly yours,

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  1. And the dinner was SUPERB...especially the sweet potato pie. Mmmm...mmmm...good!