Sunday, January 16, 2011

Loving all that I am

Hubby and I had gotten our 17 year old daughter an outfit for Christmas but it was just a tad bit too small on her, so I told her that after the hustle and bustle of people exchanging gifts died down, that she and I would take her to go and exchange it for either a bigger size or something else. The outfit was no longer available so she opted on just getting something else. I told her to make sure it fits before she left the store. We came home and she was so eager to wear it to church that following Sunday.

After she put on her outfit, she was really fancy and stuff and I even gave her a compliment on her new outfit. She told me that moms are suppose to say stuff like that (but I would really tell her if she looked like a wild boar before she left the store.) So I asked her how did she think she looked in her new outfit, she said that she didn't know and wanted the opinion of our 14 year old son. I told her that she has got to think that she is poppin' her own self. She asked me what did I mean by that. I told her that she got to love herself first and that her opinion of herself is really what matters. She said that she does sometime....and I told her that she has got to love herself all the time or some man will tell her what she wants to hear and take advantage of her.

She asked me how do I have so much confidence and I told her that when she looks in the mirror and checks herself out before she walks out the door, this is what she should say, "Dahling, you look fabulous! Girlfriend, you look GREAT, BEAUTIFUL AND DIVINE." Of course she giggled and told me I was funny. I wasn't trying to be funny. I then asked her how did her outfit look to her. She was like, "I think I look okay." I told her that was the wrong answer and I asked her again how did her outfit look to her. She looked in the mirror and said, "Oh yeah, you look marvelous". I told her that's it's nice when people give her compliments but it is worthless if you don't believe it yourself. As for me and my plus-sized self, I'm loving all that I am and I'm doing it very well.

Ladies, it don't matter what size you are, how short or how long your hair is, what color your complexion is, how short or tall you are, do you! Get yourself an uplifting bra or a padded one if you have to and walk like you invented the word confidence. Stop wearing clothing that droop off you. Men, stop buying your ladies all these old looking clothes. It's nice that you want to buy them something, but let them choose what they want to wear or get it to fit. Love you and Do you.

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