Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you have an aunt named Flo?

I just couldn't resist blogging about the infamous Aunt Flo. This woman is crazy and out of his mind. There is no doubt about it that she is gonna catch a flight and come to our house, not once but twice trying to get me and my daughter to give in to her. The thing is when she comes to visit me, I never know when she will show up even though I know she's coming. This crazy heifer just pops up at no given time, no notice or nothing. Most people will get cramps and can probably count down the days until their next visit. Me? Nada. Not that I'm complaining either. Aunt Flo just buys a ticket and hops on whatever it is that is traveling my way and say, "Surprise!" Sometimes she may come by train, plane or automobile. I think she just tell her friends that she don't care how she gets here, she will get here when she can.

I don't cramp and it's not the usual visit either. Aunt Flo may come in 40 days, 53 days, even 60 days. Heck, forget every 21 to 28 days with me. Not only does she show up semi-unexpected, I'm thinking why take this long trip just to hang around for 1 and half days, maybe 2, but nothing more than 2 days. (Stop hating me, I didn't create me) I do believe that there should be a period day from work (with pay) once a month for women who do cramp.  Even though I do hate to see my daughter cramped up, I'd rather see period and pads than pregnancy and pampers. Who do I need to see to get this petitioned and made into a law?

Lovingly yours,

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  1. LOL!!! What a cute post! Ugh! Aunt Flo gets on my nerves. I am seriously hating... 2 days at the most are you kidding me?? She is like clockwork around here but comes with the worst cramps ever... that heffer seriously puts me out of commission!