Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh no to the po-po

I just absolutely hate it when a police gets behind me. I then start having feelings of paranormal activity. I know I haven't done anything wrong but why the heck he wants to ride my tail. I start thinking about everything that is suppose to be legit like my tag and hope that I haven't missed a birthday where I'm suppose to renew it. My license is legal...check, my tail light is not broken...check, my seatbelt is on...check. Am I speeding.....well, see what had happen was....

It just irks the 123's out of me why police think they are "above the law". When I see them putting on their lights just so they don't have to stop at a red light really makes my blood start boiling. Then we get on up the road and he hadn't gone anywhere or went right past me just so he can get to the McDonald's drive thru.

I would like to make a citizens arrest, whatever the heck that is. Do I just yell out of my window and say, "Hey cop, can you pull over?" I know we are to respect the law, but what about the law respecting the law? I should really have a bumper sticker that says, "Back off my bumper or my automatic rifle will go off." So when this cop gets behind me on my way to work, I really had this inclination to slam on brakes or go about 2 miles slower than the speed limit. I didn't do either, I just drove the way I normally do and then he jumped behind someone else to torture them. It's a good thing I had to turn right or I was about to pull out my imaginary bullhorn from under my seat. I guess it would be bad to say that Madea is my roll model when dealing with the po-po.

Lovingly yours,


  1. I saw a police offer throw something out of his car window! I wanted to give him a ticket for LITTERING! UGH!!!!

  2. OH Boy yes! I get that same feeling. I think they feed off our fear, yikes! I always feel like I've done something wrong, whyyyyyy?????