Friday, July 23, 2010

Am I sexy or what?

According to hubby, it would be...or what....see ya'll, I had these pair of jeans on that made me look really sexy in them. I turned to the left and all I saw was sexy. I turned to the right and again, sexy hit me in the face. So I went on about my day going to work and then school afterwards. I felt like when Klymaxx sang, "The men all pause." I didn't know if this was a right feeling to have being married and all, but by golly, them jeans not only made me look gorgeous, they made me look GO-JHUS!

After I came home from a long day, I headed to the bathroom to get a bath, but before that, I walked back in the living room where hubby sat and I said, "I just had to come through here since you haven't seen me all day and I wanted to know what you thought of me in these jeans." On any typical day, I don't ask nobody how I look in clothes. Hubby looked at me and said, "They look aight." Maybe I had said it wrong. I mean, I didn't really want him to throw a comment, I wanted him to see what I saw so I said, "No, hubby dear, I just wanted you to see the sexiness here since you haven't seen me all day." He said ohhhhhhhh!!!

So I walked down the hall with a little twist to my voluptious hips and he gave a whistle. I went back in the room to check out myself one last time before I took them off. I have other jeans, but these pair was like the creme' da la creme'. To my plus size ladies, be confident and get yourself some sexy jeans if you don't already have them and walk it, work it, and of course love it. As my good friend, Luv says, You gotta love you cause I sure do.

Lovingly yours,


  1. aww shucks now..don't be out there causing no accidents.. i know you was working it.. so do tell, how many people tried to holla?

    you should have told them to get them some jeans and a nice sturdy pole and worked it..

    i do it to..i have a pair of pants that makes it look like i have a dunk..i wear the mess out of those pants..can't nobody tell me nothing when i put it on..

    next time have hubby sing "there goes my baby"

    and yes honey, let 'em know self love is the best love in the whole world