Monday, July 26, 2010

The devil rides a bike

I don't know why it is hard for some people to admit that they think or do things that are not of Christ. I mean, true, we do strive to be Christ-like but yet we are human and sometimes that flesh comes out or want to come out and before you know it, we've done something or thought something that was way out in left field. Let me just say for the record, if you ever see me doing anything and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is, "Girl, I never thought you would have....." Well a word to the wise, "Don't think." I got one judge, and one jury.

With all that being said, the family and I had just gotten out of church and driving home talking about what a wonderful service it was. I mean, fresh out of church at that when the devil approached us riding a bike. I didn't see why this man riding this bike could not be up on the sidewalk, but nooooo, he had to be on the street. Not only was he on the street, he has a bike lane he is suppose to be in. Well, he staggered away off the bike lane into the street as we were driving so hubby blew his horn at him. The traffic light turned red as we approached it and the bike rider had caught up with us.

The next thing I knew, this insane maniac was tapping on our window on the passenger side where I was sittinig. I glanced over first to see if this was a person in a cops uniform and it was not so I didn't let down my window. I just looked straight ahead as if I didn't even see him. When he saw I wasn't going to let down my window, he then yells, "DON'T YOU BLOW AT ME." This is where the devil and Madea almost collided with each other. The human part inside me almost let down my window and say, "Punk if your tail ride on the sidewalk or in your little bike lane, then we wouldn't have to blow at you, you idiot." At that moment, I thought of this fool might spit in my window or he may be glocking. I wouldn't want to go to jail for beating someone with my husband's cane, especially not after the message that was just brought in church. Help me Lord!! Help me right now!!

As the light turned green, the mini-devil in my back seat in the form of a 14 year old son says, "Dad, blow at him again and lets see what happens." I looked over at hubby and said, "Don't do it, somebody has to be the bigger person here." I knew hubby wanted to do it so bad. I could smell it. He then said, "Ooooo, if you weren't in this car......him tapping my window........" I said, "Let it go hun, just let it go. The devil wants you to get all upset after getting out of church and he gonna be somewhere in a corner laughing at me and you both." Hubby smiled and we went on home and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Lovingly yours,

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