Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family, Fun, Friends, Food

The family and I spent this past weekend in Kosciusko, MS to visit my bestest friend in the whole world. She and I have been friends for 25 years and have gone through thick and thin. We had been planning since January of this year to take that five and half hour drive up there to see her and her family. I asked her what did we need to bring and she said nothing. She just wanted us to come and enjoy. They didn't believe we were really coming but when I texted her and told her the hotel number, she couldn't sit still. She kept texting me like every few minutes saying when she would get off work and when she wanted us to come by the house, and so forth and so on. That friday night after she got off work, we went over and hung around the house and laughed and talked while her hubby fried fish and she fixed a salad.

On Saturday, her hubby grilled and it was so hot outside but we really appreciated his efforts in helping us enjoy ourselves. I asked if I could help but she didn't want me to lend a hand. I went to church with them on Sunday and then Monday it was time to head back to FL. Well I knew I was going to be able to rest, because Tuesday, my parents, my three nieces and one of nephews came to visit from another part of MS. (I knew they were coming). My mom said that since my youngest sister never takes the kids anywhere that she would bring them over to FL just so they can get away for a few days. That was nice of my mom to do that. And whenever my mom is in town, there is always going to be plenty of food around.

Enjoy life and be good to each other because you never know when it may be your last time seeing them. Family, friends and life....PRICELESS.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Wise words. Ones we should all heed more often.

  2. Ditto to what Gigi said.
    Nothing takes the place of family and friends!

  3. You've been busy. Sounds as though you have had a lot of fun though. x

  4. I'm taking notes. I love time spent, planned to just enjoy, relax, and have company.