Monday, August 2, 2010

Then there were two

Yesterday, it was mine and hubby's anniversary but we didn't do anything special because every day is a special day that is filled with blessings and joy. We didn't go all out because every day is a day we go all out with waking up and thanking the Lord to be able to be alive. We woke up, said Happy Anniversary to each other and got ready for church. I did get him a card and he got me some Beyonce' perfume, even though we had agreed not to get each other anything, mainly because I am content with what I already have and I couldn't think of one single thing that I wanted nor needed.

The kids wanted to know if we were going out to dinner and celebrate. It was just so hot outside that after church, all I wanted to do was sit around and do nothing. I've been so busy with school that not to have any homework felt like a blessing and a reason to celebrate right there. Hubby can always take me out anytime he wants but the night before, he grilled a beautiful, delicious steak on the grill and boy oh boy, was it delicious or what! I was just happy for that because I wouldn't have been outside cooking nothing on nobody's grill.  We didn't make a big fuss over our anniversary, it was just merely another year being married to me, it was just adding on to the constant nags and annoyances that married couples go through. Ok, if somebody says their spouse don't get on their nerves, well good for you. Mine do get on my nerves occasionally, but it's not all the time though. I'm sure I get on his as well, he's just not bold enough to admit I do or he may think I will get mad if he says it.  I won't.

I've learned to know what battles to pick and sometimes when he gets in his mood, and I know I'm not in the same mood as he,  I'll just sit there like I'm slow and I won't say a word. He'll eventually catch the hint and then go on about his business. Marriage can be trying, it can be joyful, hopeful, boring, lively, disappointing, it is what you put into it. Hubby once asked me if I would like to mentor to someone about marriage. My truthful answer was, "No, I do not." He said he was curious as to why not. Again, my truthful answer was this, "People think weddings make a marriage and it don't. Marriage is work, and it's not temporary work where you go in today and then decide you not going in tomorrow, then go in on the 3rd day." People want to hear what they want to hear and if I can't give it to them straight, I'd rather not give it to them at all.

Lovingly yours,


  1. "Marriage can be trying, it can be joyful, hopeful, boring, lively, disappointing, it is what you put into it." Truer words were never spoken!

  2. Ditto! Well said and that's all I have to say about that in my Forrest Gump voice.

  3. Happy belated Anniversary you guys kept that one quiet.