Monday, August 23, 2010

Pointing the finger

I'm sure we have heard this phrase alot, "If that had've been me, I would have....." or " You let that happen to me and see what I do." Well we don't know what we would actually do until stuff happens. We want to sound all big and bad and talk junk but then life happens and you find yourself doing the very thing you said you would not do. Let's just say you found out that your best friends spouse has been gambling away their money and now they are in major debt and the first thing you want to say is, "Girrrrrrrrl, if that had've been my husband, I would have done....." No you not gonna do anything except probably fall to the floor, scream your lungs out and say, "Lord, why me?"

Life is just's life. There is nothing new that is happening today that didn't happen when Moses and Jesus walked the earth. People today try to be just a bit more sneakier with it. Besides, who cares who is doing what with whom for how long and what for? I don't care. I probably would care if it was going to change the way I got into Heaven, change the way I got paid for the better or something like that.

We are all sinners and we've all come short of the glory of God and we ain't perfect and we all have to remember that we have one judge and one jury. Say it aloud with me, "ONE JUDGE, ONE JURY." It shouldn't matter what someone has done or said or didn't do or say, God has the final word and that is all I have to say on that note.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Yes! Amen! I agree! This post is so right! I am feeling you Queen!

    Okay, have I made my point? :)


  2. Hey, lady!!! (yes i have been MIA..but about to catch up with everyone's post)
    this is sooo right on time. and sometimes we have to remind ourselves of this when we are dealing with OURself.. everyone is a sinner..there were only 3 perfect people that walked this earth and honey they been long dead