Thursday, March 25, 2010

CH.CH don't mean a thing unless UR in it

What's the point of going to church? This question arise my thoughts especially when our teenagers want to choose when they go and don't go to church. They don't have a choice. End of discussion. We get up and go, they go for 8:00a.m, they get up and go for 8:00a.m. Our children don't have a problem wanting to go and hang out with their friends whether it's over to their house, the mall, the movies, talent shows, basketball games....whatever. But just as soon as we mention church, it's like, "ahhh, do we have to go?" When did going to church become the question of the day? Why would they even ask such a thing! Heck yeah, you getting your tail up and go and give God some praise whether they want to or not. And we got great church, so what's the problem?

So hubby and I asked these teenagers of ours, "Why is it that you don't have a problem with going to some of the places we allow you to go, but want to sleep in on church day." You wouldn't believe their answer when they said, "Our friends are there." So I wanted to know, "So you don't have friends at church?" I told them that Jesus was their friend. The reply was, "Moooooooommmmmmm!!!" What? Did I say something wrong?

I remember when I was younger at home, probably around the age of our daughter now and my dad would say that if we wanted to go and party with the devil on Saturday, then we would go and party with Jesus on Sunday. Just as soon as something comes up and the kids want to be anywhere but here, they are so full of energy and hyped and ready to bust a move; but saying the word church makes them soooo sleepy, soooo tired. I say to them that they should have gone to bed earlier because the routine hadn't changed. They know we going. They know they going. I told them that even when they get grown and gone and come for a visit to make sure they bring some church clothes to go to church. The 16 year old said, "Well looks like we won't be staying long." My reply, "Fine with me."

Lovingly yours,


  1. QueenBee!!! I'm still LOL at your comment:) You know just this morning my kids told me they miss church, we've missed a few Sunday's:( Of course my twins are 9 and childrens church for them is fun! My 12 year old is on the fence. When we don't make it to church I have Sunday school with them:) I love your sons comment toooo funny:)

    Ms. Wanda

  2. Just gotta say Bee... love your comments to Amy!!! You make me laugh as well as she does!

  3. I love your blog.. I read it... all the time.. THanks to u and your hubby... For training up your kids right!1
    May God continue to Bless u and Yours!!