Friday, March 19, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream

This is the sequel to Birthday Blessings from Wednesday, March 17. After I finished blogging about hubby's birthday, and that the ice cream cake that we bought didn't have ice cream in it, I thought that I should go ahead and call the bakery and inform them that there was no ice cream in the cake. I really didn't know what would or would not come from the phone call, so I called and spoke with the manager anyway.
He was the kindest person over the phone regarding the situation and said that he would make it and have it ready for me to pick up. He asked what time did I want it available and I said around 5:30. He said not a problem and for me to come to the bakery and say that he said for me to pick up the ice cream cake at no charge.

When I got home, I told hubby that we needed to go and pick up his ice cream cake before we went to church. He gave me that puzzled look like "what the heck this woman talking about". He said, "We don't have a cake." I told him we were wasting time and that we needed to go and get the cake and then bring it home, and then go to church. He said, "Barbara, stop playing." I told him that I wasn't joking and that seriously he had an ice cream cake waiting for him.

So we get in the car and drove down to pick up his ice cream cake that he so desired for his birthday. When we got there, I gave the bakery people my name and they went in the back and not only brought out hubby's birthday ice cream cake that he wanted, but the cake was bigger than the one we had originally bought. Oh wow. This was totally awesome. There was a handwritten note on the outside of the cake container that said, "No charge." All I could do was thank God as we walked out the store and headed home. Hubby said he was happy that I did that for him.

Lovingly yours,


  1. First of all Happy Birthday to your Husband! An Ice cream cake with no Ice cream, that right there is a blog post:) The bakery made it all better, Thank God Kindness does still exist in some places:)

    Ms. Wanda

  2. You sure have been getting quite a few weird experiences with customer service lately. Things that make you go hmmmm...

  3. An Ice Cream Cake with no Ice Cream is almost comical, and definitely an Oxymoron! Glad you got it worked out... Happy Bday to your Hubby!

  4. Oooo- I wish you'd taken a picture as I've no idea what an ice cream cake is but it sounds delicious. How on earth could they forget the ice-cream.
    Great result though! ;0)

  5. that was nice..i wonder if anyone got fired