Monday, March 22, 2010

Is the boss in?

When faculty and students come into the office, my face is usually the first person they see before they see the boss. I am like the gatekeeper of some sort. It may be something I can help them with before they go in to see the boss. My boss as well as myself hates it when faculty just walks right in and don't say anything. I normally can catch them and say, "She's on the phone" or "she has someone in her office right now." It irks me with a passion when they just stand there as if the other person in the office will just magically disappear and the person who's waiting don't have any sense of respect.

So I ask whoever (or is it whomever) is waiting to please not stand in front of the doorway and that the boss will be with them shortly and for them to please have a seat in the hallway. Well one staff person in particular is so nasty that I wish I did not have to deal with her in any given manner. She will make the devil cuss. So she comes down the hall and says, "Is she in?" But before I can say yes or no, Ms. Sarah has already walked into the boss office. My boss told her about this and that she needed to see me first.

So Ms. Sarah came in with papers in her hand and wanted to see the boss but her door was closed. She says, "Is she in?" But OMG, she said it soooo nasty that I just wanted to pretend I didn't hear her. I said, "She is in but prefers not to be disturbed right now, so I'll take whatever you have for her and I will make sure she gets it." I couldn't be more plainer than that. Ms. Sarah says, "Well I have this report for her." I said, "Please put it in my inbox and I will make sure the boss gets it." That devil kept itching at Ms. Sarah and so she said, "What is she doing where she can't be disturbed?" She is aggravating I replied to Ms. Sarah, "She is working and prefers not to be disturbed." Ms. Sarah then threw the papers at the inbox like I was suppose to get upset or something. I didn't get upset. I just looked at her with THE LOOK like she was slow, looked at the papers that had fallen on the floor instead of my inbox and kept right on typing.

Ms. Sarah just stood there in hopes that I would get out of my comfortable leather chair and pick up the papers, but I did not. I just sat there and continued to do what I was doing and pretended I didn't see her. So angrily Ms. Sarah said, "I need to see her." I slowly turned facing her and I said, "You will not see the boss now. You will pick these papers off this floor and you will leave my office. If she prefers to see you when she is done, I will have her to either e-mail you or call you when she is available. Until then, do not come back down here unless she requests for you to come." She picked the papers up and hmmmmpppphhh as she walked away.

When the boss did become available, she said she heard Ms. Sarah acting crazy outside her door and was really appalled at her behavior. She said that I handled that very well and wanted to know what was so urgent about the paperwork. I reached in my inbox and handed it to her and she was like, "This is it?" My boss put it back in my inbox and just told me to file it when I get a chance to do so.

Lovingly yours,


  1. No denying it, you answered her with authority.

  2. lawd...i applaud you because I would have been out of a job...Ms. Sarah would have been wearing those papers.