Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kindness Given, Kindness Received

When my car was down for three weeks, I was just simply amazed at the kindness that was offered by various people to give me a ride. Some people I called, while others called me or even mentioned that if I need a ride, they were there for me. None of these people would have been available had I been a snob. I truly believe that when you treat people with kindness, it will come back to you in some shape, form or fashion.

So after getting my car back, I was truly thankful for the kindness of others. It seemed odd that I would go to lunch at 12:22. Not 12:00, not 12:30, but the odd time of 12:22. I was backing out the parking lot to head to subway when I saw one of my co-workers walking. I just figured he had parked a little ways away. I let the window down and jokingly said, "Hey, you going my way?" He said that he wasn't trying to get in my business but wanted to know where I was going for lunch. I said subway. He then wanted to know if I could do him a favor. He said that his key wasn't working right in his car and that he had to walk about two miles back to work. He needed to go home, pick up his other key and be dropped back off.

I told him I could do that and to hop in. His house was no farther than maybe 3 miles, I'm guessing. He said he needed to go in real quick to his house, and grab the other key. I told him that I didn't mind. He was out in a jiffy. Along the way, he said that I might as well stop and get my subway sandwich since I was going to pass it anyway. So we both get out and we each get a five dollar foot long. When I moved on down to pay the cashier, he told me that my money wasn't any good there and that he paid for my sub. I was thankful, even though he didn't have to do that. I took him down to where his car was and sure enough his other key did the trick.

It's just always a good thing to be nice and show some kindness to people because you never know when someone will show some kindness back to you.

Lovingly yours,

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  1. ain't that the truth and you never know who they might now or what they might be able to do for you in the long run... treat everybody like they Jesus himself..except for Ms. Sarah, treat her like Judas and give her 30 cents the next time you see her