Friday, January 1, 2010

Bruised, but not broken

A few years ago, I missed a step as I was coming down some stairs and fell and broke my right ankle. Not only was it broken on one side, it was broken on both sides of my ankle. I was taken to the hospital and the doctors told me that it was messed up really bad and that I had to have pins and screws put in. There are two scars on each side of my right ankle, and one is longer than the other. My concern at the time was would I be able to walk again. The doctors told me that I would but it would take work and determination to get me from the wheelchair to crutches, and then to walking on my own. I went to physical therapy and regained strength back in that ankle and then what seemed like forever to finally get a shoe on. The doctors had one date set that I should be walking but I thought I would be a wuss if I waited that long and so I began my physical therapy at home on my own in between doctor visits and was up and walking in no time.

I'm really trying to get to a point. Just hold your horses. Tonight I took the kids to a movie and would go and pick them up later. So it was just me and hubby home. He was in the bedroom watching the Sugar Bowl and I was up front flipping channels trying to find something on television. I heard him call my name like the house was on fire so I got up off my comfy couch to see what was the matter. He had the audacity to tell me that he wanted me to go back to the room I was in and then look in the closet to see if his black pants and white shirt was in there. I stood there for a minute and said, "Let's get this straight, you wanted me to get up and make 3 trips when you could have gotten up and made 2." He says he was tired and didn't want to move. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind doing things for him but I wanted to sit and relax as well. I told him that I hope it's not like this when our children move out or he will be up a creek without a paddle.

Yes, he has been cut on more than the average person with three hip replacements, open heart surgery, broken leg and this and that, but those are bruises that have healed in time. There have been broken hearts but yet found the ability to love again. My scars may not be as severe as his but in still, we've all been bruised whether it has been physical, mentally, spiritually or whatever, but we are bruised for a moment, but not broken or all hope is lost.

You wouldn't know my right ankle is jacked up unless you saw me with my shoes off and looked down and maybe asked why those scars are there. Some things I am limited to but I still go to the gym and get on that treadmill and just walk at my own pace. We have to get out of our comfort zone and get up and just do what needs to be done without inconveniencing others. You will only know me by my healing, and not my bruises.

Lovingly yours,


  1. i needed to hear that today... because i am bruised but not broken... i was not made to be broken...if whitney can bounce back from that whack crack... i too can find my way back home.

    thank you.

    and don't beat hubby with a wire hanger...

  2. Too right, it's so easy to give up. Thank you for your positive attitude. Happy New Year to you and your family. xx

  3. That was an amazing story and I love your positive spirit and you've given me some more inspiration for 2010.

    It's all possible!

  4. Bravo! Bravo! (clap,clap,clap)

    In the midst of the laughter of the funny part in this post and the things that went through my mind with your husband's request, the moral of the story is an awesome word for the new year. Thanks for sharing!