Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Play time is over....or is it!

My hubby thinks he really has a sense of humor. After I go to sleep, he wants to wake me up by playing in my ears, running his fingers through my hair, touching my eyes and all that stuff that is not funny to me. I'm trying to sleep and the worst part of it all is that he waits until I'm doing some hard core sleeping. I mean the hard knock life sleep. You know where your head is half way off the bed, your pillow is not under your head and your feet are dangling in limbo from under the covers. I'm normally sleep before hubby so for a couple of nights, he has found it upon himself to do his bothersome play around when I'm at that mode where I don't know if I'm in the middle of midnight or right before day.

So I tell hubby that payback will be coming and he just laughed because again, I am normally sleep before him. So he tells me that there is no way I could get him back because as he would say, "you be sleep." Aha! That's it. I must stay awake to get revenge. So last night I thought I would sit up and then when he gets good and sleepy, I will do to him what's already been done to me. (ok line from Color Purple). Even though I was sooooo sleepy, I managed to stay awake. I thought I would wait until he got right in the comfortable position and throw it on him. And so the war has begun.

He started dozing and I kept saying to myself....."Wait for it.....wait for it.....waiiiiitttttt for it" and I knew when he got to the point of the first snore that it would be my time to move in. BAM!! He was knocked out and I started playing in his ear. He was aggravated too but I didn't let up there. I tickled his navel and he said, "hun, I'm sleepy." First of all, I ain't heard Hun in ages. I said to him this was my payback. All he could do was chuckle and said for me to please let him sleep. I told him if he would have let me sleep then I wouldn't be torturing him like this. Of course he apologized for doing that to me and says that I'm just sooooo cute when I'm sleep. (Throw up moment.) I'm cute when I'm sleep??? What kind of insane madness is that! There is probably drool sliding somewhere down my face. I'm almost positive of it. Anyway, I had to get about 8 more tickles in before I left him alone. I did leave him alone for the moment but I've got to at least get one more night in.....maybe, just maybe, then he will leave me alone and let me sleep.
Lovingly yours,


  1. LOL! You guys are too funny. Does he know you blogged about this? Now THAT'S funny!

  2. Barbara!!!! Girl, I was on the floor all through this article. You are so goood! I would have woken up like Queen Latifah in "Bringin' Down the House!" 'Who messin' wit Lean?' (while punching Steve Martin!)

    Girl, sometimes...a man jest wanna be left alone sometimes. Hawpo come here fussin' and cussin, I say, Leave that man alone.
    (ok, that's from the Color Purple)

  3. lmbo.. why not go way old school and put tooth paste on his face and ice cubes in his ear... and dress him up like a lady and take can always slide in your pole..

    oh then you MUST post the pics on here