Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So sick

I got up at my normal time to get ready for work and I was out the door on time as well. But as I drove toward work, I started feeling somewhat sick to my stomach so I pulled into What-a-burger and got a cup of ice. I knew I had a bottle of water on my desk and I would just sip on that for the time being. So when I got out of my car, I didn't feel too good but I didn't feel all that bad either. I got into work, drank my cold water and thought, "Now, I can work." I did feel ok but then it hit me, my head started hurting like someone was hitting me with a hammer. If only I could have seen who it was or I might have tried to hit them back. I put my pen down and just sat in my chair and put my hand up to my head....and then my stomach felt like I was about to upchuck on a woodchuck. My boss was gone to a meeting and the phones were driving me insane. It's gonna have to go to voicemail, I just couldn't answer that phone.

Finally when my boss came back, she saw me just sitting there, which is just so unlike me. She knew something was wrong. I said to her that I needed to go and lay down for a minute. She insisted I go into the lab because no students were in there, so I did. I sat in that lab and I think I got sicker. I don't even know what came over me. I looked around the room for a garbage can because I could feel something was about to come up and no sooner had I found it, I found myself on my knees over that trash can puking up my guts. I went back to my office to grab my purse and keys and I had to come home. I couldn't be there any longer.

I got in my car and all I could say was, "Lord, please help me get home." I drove home and when I got here, hubby met me at the door. All I could do was get in the bed. I thought that maybe if I rested for a while, then I would be able to go to church later on. That wasn't even happening. I just couldn't do it. All I could do was stay in bed. Even though I am feeling somewhat better, I was just too sick to do anything. Hubby came in and gave me some soup and it did manage to stay down. It's amazing what a little rest and a couple of hours will do.

Lovingly yours,


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. I am learning that rest is a good thing. :-)


  2. Hope you're feeling better but it is great to have someone there to take care of you when you are feeling bad. Cudos to the hubby!!!

  3. Hugs sweetie. Feel better soon.

  4. feels better! so glad hubby took care of you