Sunday, January 17, 2010

May I have this dance?

Well, well, well. The dance has come and gone and yes my daughter did attend and she had a great time. (What a nice pic she and hubby took!) It was better than nice, it was spectabulously fanariffic. (I got that talk from my teenagers) It was so grand that I can't even tell it all. There was lighted red carpet for the girls and it was so awesome. They were treated like royalty that night. The girls showed up all dressed up and while some danced and some did not, I enjoyed seeing the look on all of their faces. The fathers, as well as those who stood in the place of a father did their thing and did it well. I wish you could have been there. I do hope this is something that these young ladies will never forget.

I am the third of four daughters and I remember so many things that my father did with us. He was the only male in the house with five women or should I say five raging hormones. He would go outside with us and play baseball and stuff. He was the one who showed us how to wash and wax a car, how to mow the yard and of course how to drive. He was the one who gave us a good talking to when mama wanted to always whip us. He was the one who gave us change when we went on a date and said that if we needed a ride home to call him and he would come and get us. He was the one who went in the store for us to get personal products and I'd say, "Dad, you weren't embarrassed to go and get that" and his response would be, "well it ain't for me." When all four of us girls get together and meet up at home, we ask our dad how in the world did he manage to live with five women and his response is, "I prayed a lot."

He could have prayed for anything, I don't know. I never had an opportunity like these young ladies to have a father/daughter dinner and dance. If I would have, then that would have been something I would cherish forever. I respect the fathers and the fill in's for not trying to be too macho to show these young ladies a great time of what a queen should be treated like. My father will be 68 in October and the next time I make it home, I just may ask him "May I have this dance" because I never know when it will our last time together. I cherish my parents very deeply and it's even nicer when I can go home or call them on the phone just to say "Thanks." Thanks for taking the time out with me when you could have been doing something else. Their time then made me the better person I am now. Take the time out to dance with your child, whether it's stupid or not. They will remember it.....forever.

Lovingly yours,


  1. awww. that is wonderful. i am so glad that she came around and had a wonderful did she change her mind about prom? how did your hubby feel?

    great pic1

  2. Aww. So sweet! Totally made me cry. Dance with you daddy, girl, you'll make his whole year!!

  3. Nice! She Rocks! (i got that talk from my kids! although they said now they will never say it again, and I should stop too!).

    Your daughter looks beautiful!

  4. Yippeee!! Look who finally got his picture on your blog! Celebration time! Beauuuutiful picture and beautiful post!

  5. What a wonderful article! I love the picture as well. I'm so happy that our fathers are still here. After Dad's stroke in July, I was worried, and remembered so many wonderful things about being 'daddy's girl.' The most wonderful...that I have taken the time to do exactly what you said - I danced with my father. Most memorably at my wedding, and he knows that he is loved by three daughters if no one else.
    Thanks for the wonderful words to remember to cherish our God-given fathers, and our Father in heaven.