Monday, December 28, 2009

Simplicity in living

My 16 year old daughter wanted to know if I would be going to the after Christmas sales. I inquired that I would not because I didn't need anything. She said, "who said anything about needing something, what about something you want." I didn't want anything either and so she said that maybe she wanted something. So I said to her that she can't want anything either because Christmas just left and she ain't getting nothing. (Yeah I know I used ain't.) When church let out on Sunday, I went by CVS just to get some bread and there we saw a 50% off on all Christmas stuff. It didn't phase me so I kept walking to find what I went in the store for. I saw my daughter looking at this gingerbread house that was $5.00 and she said to me how she has always wanted to put up a gingerbread house. I'm thinking this girl is crazy. How could she ask for anything two days after Christmas!

I saw her kept looking at this gingerbread house and thought that if I did buy it, that she and her 13 year old brother would have to do it together. She said that the two of them would really delight in me buying it and they would put it up together and clean up any mess. I mean, how could I refuse such an offer. The two of them kept looking at this gingerbread house all the way home and was in such an itch to get home to put it together. The minute we walked in the house, the two of them was about to start on it. I said, "Hey you two, why don't you get out of your church clothes first and then go at it." Sure enough they did and I tell you, if I had known they would be interested in this at their ages, then I probably would have done this a long time ago.

They worked together and laughed together. They each had a job of who was to put the icing on and who would put the walls up and who would do this or that. They didn't argue and they didn't say this is my part, no, this is your part. I pulled out the camera and I sat and just watched them enjoy a simple gingerbread house and I heard them say, "This is so much fun." My daughter came up and hugged my neck for getting it and all the while I'm thinking, "Five dollars sure went a long way. It was well worth it." Now this is the simple life. Ahhhhhh.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Beautiful!! A fabulous return on your investment, I'd say!

  2. These are the moments they'll never forget!I love that they can also be inexpensive!

  3. Memories are priceless. Tooooo sweet!

  4. awww. this made me cry... this is what families are supposed to be about

  5. I found this same deal and bought one for every girl in my Girl Scout troop, then brought an extra one for my son. The girls' fell apart because they rushed through it. My son took his time and his is still standing.