Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

What kind of person in their right mind gets up at 5:38 in the morning on a day they don't have to go to work? On a rainy morning at that? Ok, that would be me, ole crazy person here. Today is the first day of me being off for Christmas and I'll be home for the next two weeks and do you actually think I could just stay in bed and sleep. Nope. I'm fully awake as if I actually got something to do. This would be the time (at 6:00) that I get up and get ready for work, so I guess my body is just so used to getting up that it has decided to have a mind of its own. I figured I might as well go on and get up because no matter how much I stare at these four walls, nothing is gonna change. It's not like they will be like transformers and magically turn into something I've never seen before. It's raining hot dogs and smoked sausages outside. Anybody got a hot dog bun!!! The kids do have to go to school today. I know what you are thinking, but the answer is no, they kids will not be staying home from school today. They can enjoy sleeping in on Monday....maybe. Depends on if they do what I need for them to do.....if they don't get it done, then I will be like their military nightmare, and get their tails up before the crack of dawn.....and I ain't never been in the military in my life. They know I am not playing. I guess sleep ain't coming back so I'm up now. Did anybody say bagels and cream cheese....I think it's calling my name.

Lovingly yours,


  1. I'm just like you.

    On my days off during the entire summer I was up rise and shine. LOL

  2. I sooo know what you mean! Although this morning I got to sleep till 8:00 am!! Whoo-hoo (but that probably has something to do with the fact that I was up till all hours & yesterday was such a busy, busy day). Tomorrow, I expect I'll be up and at 'em early though preparing for company that probably won't show because of all this snow!! Grrrr.