Monday, December 7, 2009

Insane must be the new word

It has got to be the new word of the day because my 16 year old daughter came to me with an idea that was so insane that I thought she was on something. She said that she had her Christmas list out and wanted to show it to me. I said ok because I already knew in my mind how much I was spending on each child anyway. I'll paint it out for you. I was sitting in the recliner taking a relaxing chill out time, catching bits and pieces of television and listening to her talk. I was enjoying the moment until that child of mine said, "The gift I want cost $300.00" I thought maybe she was talking in some strange language because I know she didn't just ask for something that cost three hundred American dollars. I sat up in the recliner and asked her was she insane. Even though she laughed at my expression, no really, was she insane? I asked her again if she was insane....she claimed she wasn't but the devil is a liar.

I said to her that she must not know I work things out on a budget and a 300 dollar gift for her was not in my plan. I looked at 13 year old list and he had two things on it and both of his gifts put together were under 50.00 and here it is, this girl whom I thought I knew thinks I'm ballin' like that. I asked her if she thought I was made of money and she actually said yes. She said that we must be doing ok cause our lights are never cut off and we always have food to eat. I told her it's called a blessing and that hubby and I are not even close to being rich. She then said she'd be ok if she didn't get this gift for Christmas but wants to know if I can buy her a car instead for her senior year next year. A car? A car? She has been practicing driving and don't even have a permit and she talking about a car.....INSANE!!!!

I told her that I'm not one of those parents who will be in debt over their children and that when she starts working that she can save up for her a car. She then asked me what if she don't have enough money, I told her that is where she may have to work two jobs. Her reply, "Two jobs??? Oh no. I'll just go to the bank of Mom." Bank of mom??? Ok you can go there if you want to, you gonna get an overdraft notice, heck maybe even an under draft. She did rewrite the list and now her total is under 50 as well. For a brief moment, I did think she was.......(the magic word).

Lovingly yours,


  1. 300 hundred dollars!
    I would have had a heart attack! My entire family budget for Christmas is $75, and that's more than I want to spend or have to spend on just "gifts." This is where my learning curve ends, because I couldn't have even said anything. I would have just been sitting in the chair with my mouth on the floor!

  2. Queen Bee, you must purchase your daughter's car THIS year. Go to The Dollar Tree and get one of the toy cars and wrap it up in a big box. LOL!

  3. Too Funny! Yes, sounds like she bumped her head for a quick minute. Happy to hear she's OK now!~ LOL