Thursday, January 10, 2013

New driving laws

One of my biggest pet peeves when we are driving on the interstate, is when my hubby flashes somebody with his bright lights, in order for them to get over. It's not only a pet peeve, it's an extreme annoyance. I get so pissed off when he does that. I told him that if I am driving and I see the driver behind me flash their bright lights on me, that is just going to cause me to stay right where I am. Well recently while watching tv with hubby, I heard them say that is going to be something new that drivers can now legally flash the driver ahead of them. What the?????.....Say it ain't so. That was just up hubby's alley. I didn't like it one bit. I hate that.

Here's the scenario: Hubby is in right hand lane but then an 18-wheeler is going too slow. Hubby proceeds into the left hand lane where there is supposed to be faster traffic. Hubby gets behind car that is probably trying to pass the 18-wheeler but at the same time, doesn't want to speed. Hubby then flashes said driver with his brights for that driver to move back into the right hand lane so that hubby can proceed with his out of control driving. So if said driver in front of hubby doesn't move back over to the right hand lane fast enough, hubby will then flash said driver again. I DO NOT LIKE IT.

I asked hubby, "Do you have to flash them?" And before he answers...I say to him.....STOP IT!!!! Hubby then says to me, "Well how else do you expect me to get past them." Wifey says, "Just wait until they move." I don't think this went too well with him because then he started flashing every single car. And I think he did it just to piss me off. If I wasn't afraid of being mauled by a deer or two, I would have told him to put me out on the interstate. Ok, maybe not the interstate, but the next rest area. So again, I said to hubby: If I was in front of you driving, I ain't moving and then I might put on brakes too."  I tell him what he is doing and what is now going to become legal is what's going to cause road rage. Can you imagine just minding your own business in your car and you see some bright lights flash behind you? So what if I don't move, what are they gonna do? Call the police on me. Such a stupid law.



  1. I'm like you, if you flash your lights I'll stay in front of you plus slow down especially if I was about to get over anyway. What state are you in? I can't believe they would implement a law like that... for the most part, folks flashing their lights are breaking the law and speeding. You're right, this is a way to encourage more road rage.

    Uh... and I just have no words about your hubby. Good luck with him... maybe he should get out on the interstate. ;-)

  2. LOL! Your funniest posts are about you and your husband. This was funny and for some reason the entire time I was reading, I imagined you flashing (literally) your husband every time he flashed a car. LOL! Try it and see what happens. LOL!