Monday, January 7, 2013

Everything new

Our son will be turning 17 in exactly 19 days from today. I told him that we were going to get him an updated phone for his birthday and for him to pick the phone out that he wanted. I told him what budget we were working with and not to get a phone over that. Well he wanted to know if he could have the phone before his birthday. I was like, wait a minute....didn't we just come back from going to Texas, didn't I just pay for another trip for you to go on with the school, didn't I just put down money for you to go on the college road trip with the church......and you can't wait 19 days for a phone? He said, "But Mom, it's a new year and I need my new phone in the new year."

I said to our son that he will get his new phone for his birthday and what was the rush in getting it before January 26. He said he needed to have a new phone to go with his new age and that he was going to get new clothes to represent a new year. So I said to our son, but with everything new, won't you still be an old you? What about a new you? He said that there was nothing wrong with the way he was and I said well nothing is wrong with your old phone and that it will continue to last until January 26. Who knows? I might just surprise him and get it early. I haven't made up my mind just yet.


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