Monday, January 7, 2013

Do it yourself

Every since we have had our old truck, hubby hadn't said anything about how I park. Now all of a sudden with the newer truck, he asked me if I could take constructive criticism. I said what is it. He said that my parking is not right and that I was not turning wide enough into the driveway. He said that while turning in the driveway, there is a patch of grass that my truck goes over and it is eating the grass. I just gave him that look and said, "Seriously?" I told him that patch has always been there. He tells me that it is because my wide turn is a half-wide turn and to turn the wheel wider.

First of all, this little patch of grass, which is near the road, could have happened anywhere at any time. It could be from people walking and then I told him, it could be his parking instead of mine. I can see if this patch of baldness was like in the middle of the yard and was very clearly visible, but it is not.....again, it is at the end of the driveway where the road and yard meet.

Second of all, if he feels that all of a sudden my parking is not up to par, how about I park outside of the mailbox when I get home and then he can park in the driveway any way he feels like it and just do it himself. I bet after doing that for about two times, he will tell me to just go ahead and do it myself and that what he really was complaining about was really nothing to complain about.

So I drove home after church and looked at him and wondered if I should park outside of the mailbox. He said just pull in how you normally pull in. I did and he got out and was complaint free. He could have left that complaint in his throat and then come back to me when he REALLY has something to complain about. I'll holla!


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