Thursday, January 3, 2013

Knowing the difference

Hubby has been growing a small garden and I was not too keen on it being in the front yard, but oh well. He grew some collard greens last year and they turned out really good. He planted more collards but wanted to add some cabbage to his garden as well. When he asked me to come outside and take a look at the cabbage, I said, "where are they because all I see are collard greens." He pointed to what he thought were cabbage and said, "there, the cabbage are right there." I look again and said, "you must be blind in one eye and can't see out of the other because those are collard greens." He pulled his little stick out of the ground to show me that he planted cabbages there. So I asked him, "When did cabbage greens grow on a stalk, don't they suppose to have a head?"

I know at this point that hubby must have thought I was a dunce, but I have never known cabbage and collards to both grow on a stalk and I do remember that cabbage is more bunch together like a head and it was a lighter green in color. Both sets, the real collards and the pretend cabbage were both dark green in color and they both were on a stalk. If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck, it's a duck. So hubby then said, well you will see the difference when I cook them for New Year's Day.

When he did cook them, I didn't see any difference. The looked like collard greens, they smelled like collard greens, and they even tasted like collard greens. I love both collards and cabbage but I think that when he planted the collards, that some seeds must have blown in the wind and got on the side where he was suppose to grow cabbage. My opinion is that the cabbage greens just didn't make, but since collard seeds were there, they grew into cabbage. But yet hubby was adament in saying I was wrong. I just threw my hands up. I said sure whatever, doesn't make any difference to me. I said you can call them one thing, but I tend to beg the differ. He was not having it that I was not agreeing with him. I said to him that I do not have to think like he thinks but he can say they are cabbage and I'm cool with that. He said, "no, no, no, you have to say they are cabbages." I said if you say they are cabbage, then they are cabbage to you. End of discussion. He really got pissed off when I said that, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

When we finished eating, I said, "those were some good collard greens." He just gave me that look and all I could do was laugh. I just have not seen cabbage and collards that look like twins, EVER! I'm not saying they do not exist, I'm just saying I have never seen it. But until I see them, those were collard greens.


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