Monday, May 4, 2009

A Queen and her colony

Today makes two weeks since hubby has had his surgery. Each day is a new day of strength. Thank you Jesus! This past weekend, I've been extremely busy doing this and that, along with studying for final exams. I put my son on dish duty this past weekend and he tells me that he doesn't have time to wash dishes because of all the homework he has to do. I tell him that if he's got time to sit down and eat, then he's got time to clean up my kitchen. My daughter was put on household clean up patrol. She wasn't too happy but if I threaten to take her cell phone from her, then she has a different perspective as well. She also wanted to get on the computer, and I allowed her to do that, but only after the work was done, but then when I saw that it was half-done, I took away the computer as well.

Hubby was telling the kids that if he was feeling better, that he would help them out. I told him that he just needs to stay put and stop worrying about stuff like that. I feel that a little work will not kill the children, it'll only make them stronger. Hubby says that he hates to see his queen work around the house because he was so used to doing it. I don't mind because I know it has to be done. I can't just sit around and let things go idle and wait for my husband to get back to normal. Along with taking care of the house, working a full time job, taking a class, helping the kids with homework, nursing my husband back to health, and a few other things not listed, I am busy. These children of mine know that their help will be needed and they know there's a new sheriff in town and her name is QueenBee!


  1. Welcome to the REAL world of the working wife and mother. Your 'Queen' lifestyle is definitely not the norm. No wonder your nails always looked as if you just stepped out the nail salon. You know this is all just to comical to me (lol).

  2. You go, Queen Sheriff...

    I am so proud of the example you set and all you do for everyone. I am especially grateful that you make me laugh!

    "I get by with a little help from my friends!"

    Continue blogging!



  3. "Queen Sheriff" I love that;) I hate to sound old but these kids today have it sooooooo easy. I asked mine to put away the dishes from the dishwasher and they are complaining about that! You know I was like, "when I grew up we had to wash them by hand, dry them and put them away!" "So, I can shut down the Dishwasher if you want me to?" That's when they get to steppin':) Glad to hear your husbands getting better!