Thursday, May 7, 2009

I got this

As I was finishing up dinner, hubby tells me that he has a doctor's appointment a week from today. I asked him if he has found himself a ride and his reply is, "I got this." So I'm asking him what does that mean that he's got it. He says that he will be driving himself to the doctor. I said in a not so pleasant voice, "You're doing what!!!" Oh yeah I heard him, but I was making sure that he heard himself. I wasn't asking him to repeat himself, I was asking in shock. I told him that the doctor said that he couldn't drive for four weeks, but once again he says, "I got this." So I had to voice my opinion whether he liked it or not. I told him that he needs to sit his tail down and just let God heal him in His own time. It's not time for him to drive until the doctor says so. I told him that it's ok to ask for help sometimes and to learn how to accept help from someone other than his family. I am sure there are some retired men from the church who wouldn't mind coming to take my husband to a doctor's visit. What about the people who said, "If you need anything, call me"? Those are the people I am looking for, someone who is willing to lend a helping hand.

I'm almost certain that when the boy who cried wolf saw the wolf actually coming, that his last words were not "I got this." Pride will make a person be without and I'm not that person to be stubborn enough not to ask for help when I need it. Well if hubby hasn't called someone to give him a ride by the weekend, he will know that it will be in my hands after that and then I'll be the one to say, "I got this".


  1. Oh sweet sister .. can I relate! When we are in the car so many times and passing the intended road we need to go down, I will go to say "there was our road"...and my husband's first response is "I got this"! Too funny and yet ... oh my stars! right?

    Lord, help us to love them right through it all and help them to 'get this'. lol

    Many blessings!

  2. It's definitely a HE-MAN phrase! Yea, right! They've got it alright, which is why God sent us to HELP!