Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's taking care of the baby?

While waiting for my son to get his hair cut, I sat in the chair making a list of things I needed to pick up from the store. As I wrote down soap and mouthwash, I couldn't finish my list because three ladies were at the front having a conversation. I don't know these ladies, but I will call them Lady A, Lady B, and Lady C. I overheard the conversation and Lady A was telling Lady B about Lady C's sister, who had just come home after having a c-section. The new mother had begun to get infection and was in so much pain and was beginning to have drainage around her incision. I put my pen down and just sat there thinking about this lady in all this pain and a newborn at the house that she can't care for. The conversation continued as Lady C came up and gave an update about her sister. Lady C was saying that her sister had to go back to the hospital and the doctors had to remove the 27 staples in order for the infection to drain out. Lady C also said that her sister was doing better but had to be in the hospital for a few days though. And here it is, a newborn baby who is dependant on someone else to take care of him/her doesn't even have a clue at what is going on. As I sat there, I said a prayer for the mom, the baby and Lady C. I also prayed for the person who is taking care of the baby until the mom gets well. I don't know any of these people but I do know that prayer changes things, no matter what the situation may be.


  1. Did you finish your shopping list? Maybe the baby story was for you to place some form of birth control on your list. Your hubby will be back to normal real soon (smile).

  2. Well, I had two c-sections (I have been Lady C) I came home with an infection, it was horrible, but the good thing was I didn't feel any of it because they gave me pain killers:) My mother in law helped me with my twins and all was well. I know your prayers were answered!