Friday, April 24, 2009

Unity Strengthened

Psalm 18:1 says I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. When I went to the hospital on Thursday evening to visit with my husband, he was so glad to see the family. After I had gotten off work and had gone home to shower first, I threw on some old sweat pants and a t-shirt to go and help him shower. When we walked in the room, he said that he had already taken care of that and I was happy that he had gotten up and and had the strength to at least try to do something for himself. He reached out his hand and I asked if he needed anything and he said for me to come closer. I went closer as he caressed my hand. That felt good. He told me to lean closer and as I did, he wanted his lips to touch mine and I did. He then told me how nice my hair looked and even though I knew to me that my hair looked like Helter Skelter that just got off a merry-go-round because it needed to be washed, I calmly said, "Thank You." My husband then rubbed his hands up and down my arm because without even saying a word, I knew his actions were that he missed me. He then asked me to shave him and I did the best I could and he said it was good and I felt good about that. It's just the simple things that we take for granted. We must be unified together to be strengthened not only in marriage but in our daily walk with Christ. There are a few things that we must endure through marriage and some of them are: U=understanding; N=negotiations; I=intimacy; T=togetherness; Y=yearning and also S=sensuality; T=time; R=romance; E=enjoyment; N=nights out; G=gratitude; T=talks; H=hugs

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  1. The power of prayer; thank God for unity. Thank God for Jesus!