Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today I am tired

After I got off work yesterday, I went home and started a load of clothes. Thank God that someone from work had fixed dinner because there would have been no way I would have been able to do all that. After I put on a load of clothes, I fixed hubby something to eat and wandered over to the sink to do dishes. Now at this point, I am wondering why are there dishes in the sink when we have paper plates AND we didn't even have to cook. The kids said that they forgot we had paper plates and the only reason I was washing dishes was so that the kids could finish their homework. If it had not been for that, they would have been at the sink busting those suds. Ok now one load of clothes are ready for the dryer and another load is screaming my name to throw them in the washer. Hubby still can't get in the water with his stitches intact so he is sponge bathing himself, so I went to get his water ready so he can bathe and then after that, I actually had time to bathe myself. Ok so now I have the kids helping out and just when I think I'm about to go rest and watch a little television, a phone call comes through and it's the nurse from the home health agency about to come by. It is now 8:30 at night. I'm like can't these people send someone out during the day, but the nurse did explain someone would be out much earlier on Wednesday. Is it time for bed yet? It is time for bed....until....I wake up sweating at 1a.m. WHAT! Hubby has the heater on saying he was cold. Ok now I can deal with the AC on, but a heater on....at the end of April.....in Florida.....that is insanely insane. I told him that I would get him more cover and turn the ceiling fan off but the heat has got to go. I didn't get back to sleep until 2:30, and then had to wake up at 5:45 to begin my day. I'm dragging now. My parents are coming from MS today to help out a little, which is great because when I get home, I'll be ready to crash.

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  1. This is definitely culture shock for you since your hubby did EVERYTHING. Girl, welcome to the real world. LOLOLOL Your mom is coming in to rescue her fatigued, culture-shocked daughter.