Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Slow Recovery

One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 46:10 - Be still, and know that I am God. I love that scripture for many different reasons. My husband was released from the hospital on Saturday, only five days after his quadruple bypass open heart surgery. We were anticipating on him coming home soon but I think his desire to be home was very exciting. The doctors told him to take it easy and not do anything for awhile. So all the laundry that he was used to doing, was put into the hands of our daughter, our son and myself. Ok, there are no pink socks and shirts yet. Sometimes in life we try to hurry up and do things when God hasn't even put that thing in His plans. My husband knows that his recovery will be a slow one but he also understands that is God's way. When God brought his people out of Egypt, it was at the exact right time when He wanted it done. Before that, it wasn't their season. They, too, had to be still and let God do what he do best. There will be people who will get angry just because we serve a living God and they don't understand why we can walk around with a smile on our face but have so much stuff going on around us. They won't understand because they haven't allowed themselves to be still and see the awesomeness of God. Yes, hubby will take things slow and his recovery will not be of my will but God's will. Whether it be a few weeks or a few months, we will be still and wait.


  1. This post was RIGHT ON TIME. Hubby and I just had a discussion and more than a few decisions have to be made. It sure takes the pressure off when you realize the decision isn't ours to make!

  2. hope he get well soon, this is just a trial that comes in your family, God dont give a trial/problems whom He thinks we can't carry it on, be strong and have faith.