Thursday, March 29, 2012

Whatever makes you happy

I have a problem trying to live for other people. I do what makes me happy. I cannot be concerned about whether "they" think it is not my shade of color or whether my hair is too long or too short. I ran into this lady who goes to the same church as I do. I did not know her name but I knew her face. I stopped her and told her that I haven't see in a few Sundays. She said that the reason she has not been is because she cut off all her hair and went natural and that she did not know how she was going to be accepted with her hair like that. I didn't mean to sound critical if I did, but I said, "Really?" I told her that she has got to do whatever makes her happy and that folks gonna talk either way, if you got long hair or if you got short hair, if you got a weave, if you got braids, if your hair is looking like rainbow brite, if your hair is in tiny knots and even if you ain't got no hair. I told her that she might as well come on back to church and be herself.

I am one of those people with a plus size frame and I loves me some me and I loves myself some color. I hear the plus size people say that they are too big to wear a certain color when they see me wearing it and I'm like, did you think this up on your own or did somebody tell you that. I am going to embrace it and wear it, because first, I like it and second, it looks good on me. I also know there are people who are just unhappy with themselves. Well my thing to say about that is to change it then. Stop making other people miserable because you are miserable. If you are a plus size chic and you are not happy, then lose the weight. If you skinny and want to be more thick, eat more. I knew this guy that used to wear black every single day. I questioned him and asked him why did he wear black every single day. He said that it is what makes him happy and I left it alone.

So whatever it is, do whatever that makes you happy. If nothing is making you happy, find something that will. You only live once and since you're here, you might as well make the most out of it and enjoy it and while you're at it, throw some laughter in there too. Blessings my friends.

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  1. I agree! Do YOU...unless, of course, you're a serial killer.