Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stuck in the middle

I must admit, without sounding conceited, that I look good to be 41. I am embracing the gray hair as it is coming in and I am enjoying life even better with my teenagers ages 18 and 16. (Daughter will be 19 in May) I am so thrilled that I do not have to pack up bottles, a baby bag and baby food in small containers. THANK YOU JESUS!! I do not have to take them everywhere I go, nor do I have to pack their clothes up for them every time we go on vacation. Again, THANK YOU JESUS!

I really do love our children, but I would not want any more kids. I will hold your baby and then give it back for you to take back home. That's about it. As I looked at a few of my friends that I have graduated high school with, there are some who are already grandparents at 41.....and then there was one of my friends who decided to have another baby at 41. Her oldest child is 17. I felt like I was stuck somewhere in the middle because I sholl ain't having no more babies and my children better not come up in here with no babies, shoot they are babies themselves. They better leave them babies right where they are, in no-mans land.

I am content where God has me right now. No more babies and no grandchildren. THANK YOU JESUS!!


  1. I'm delighted that you stopped by my blog, Bee. Thanks so much. Happy to know you. :)

  2. I hear you loud and clear, very well said. Nobody should have any doubts about what you said, you didn't stutter or stammer. Way-to-go, lady.

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!