Thursday, March 29, 2012

Don't get put out of your own house

Hubby was talking to his cousin on the phone from Mississippi when I walked in the house. They were laughing and talking about what each one of them do around the house and how their wives respond to it. Hubby was in the middle of cooking dinner and was telling his cousin that he need to go and finish cooking because I was home and it was time for everyone to eat. Before he gets off the phone, I hear hubby say to his cousin, "You can tell her if you want to, she is right here."

I get the phone and his cousin tells me that I am spoiled, cause he would not be cooking me no dinner and that when his wife comes home, that he will have the shovel and rake ready for her so they can do yard work. I laughed at it and told him that he must not know about me and that I am not getting in no yard for nothing. I told him that what goes in MS ain't the same rules that apply in FL. Hubby's cousin said that he has his wife trained and that's how he likes it. Even though it was a conversation all in fun, I told hubby's cousin not to have my hubby get put out of his own house because of some crap like that. What works in our household might not work in somebody else's.

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