Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blessings in disguise

Our 16 year old son wanted to go to the movies and I normally don't do last minute stuff, but when he asked if he could go on such a short notice, I did tell him yes. I think I shocked myself more than I shocked him. He immediately got to texting his two best buds to see if they could go with him, but neither one of them was available. After a few minutes had passed, I asked him if he found someone to go with and he said no but that he could just go alone.

I sat him down for a few minutes and told him that I would trust him to go alone, but it's other people I don't trust and that he should find somebody to go with because there are so many things happening in today's society. I told him to ask our 18 year old daughter if she wouldn't mind going with him to the movies. She put up a ruckus saying she didn't see why she had to go and babysit a 16 year old, and she had to point out that she will be 19 in May and didn't need a babysitter when she was 16. I told her the same thing I told our son and that so much is going on and that I don't consider it as babysitting but more as a safety person. Our daughter then said, "So if he get kidnapped, what do you want me to do?" To try to make it a lighter situation, I said, "You run and identify the person who took him."

Oh my gosh...she felt grown up when I said that and was willing to go with her brother. She kept saying to her brother that it had better be a good movie to drag her away from the house when she didn't want to go. After the movie was over and I went to pick them up, our daughter, the one who didn't really want to go in the first place, said that it was such a great movie and she was glad that she went. She is now trying to plan for another movie for them to go and watch together. Thank you Lord for that blessing. It meant alot to me.

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