Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Penmanship is important

When I went to class last night, our instructor put us in groups of three to do an assignement and I just so happened to be in a group with two guys. The assignment required us to write on a specific topic that the instructor gave us and I just can't help it, but when I have to turn in anything that is hand written, I like for it to be my best so these two guys decided that since I was a "girl", that I could do the writing for the group while they told me what they wanted written. Simple enough. "I could do that", I thought.

As I began to put my pen against paper, right there in the middle of me writing, one of the guys said, "Wow, look at your handwriting, it is beautiful." I thanked him and continued to write because we were on a time limit to do this assignment. The other guy then says to me, "Look at how your pen glides across the paper like that." I thanked him as well and looked up at the clock and said, "Ok, guys we got like two more minutes to finish this." As they talked on the topic, I wrote; but when the instructor called for times up and then we went on break, the two guys wanted to talk more of my handwriting.

One of the guys said that it looks like I wrote the Declaration of Independence and the other guy said, "Yeah, Thomas Jefferson said it and she wrote it." It was like I wasn't even sitting there because they started talking in third person but I do believe penmanship is important. When I was in elementary school, I practiced writing because I did want to have a nice handwriting and I guess practice does eventually make perfect but I declare I did not write the Declaration of Independence.


  1. Handwriting is a lost art especially with the computer taking over a lot of our tasks! You have encouraged me to get back to WRITING on paper!

    By the way, the music of your blog just scared the YOU KNOW WHAT out of me! LOL

  2. You do have a lovely penmanship!

  3. This post reminds me of a long time ago when in school we used to have a subject (with proper lectures - although I don’t remember about the exams: P) called "handwriting improvement". It sounds quite a funny but helpful course now :)