Monday, February 14, 2011

Crippling our children

I was sitting in Sunday School class when my 17 year old daughter came by my class and said that she didn't know where her class was being held since they changed the high school seniors to another class. I told my daughter that the Christian Education Director was standing there and to ask her where the new class was because I really don't know. Just as I said that, this lady who was sitting opposite of me said, "Oh mama, she just wants you to do everything for her, how sweet!". No, it is not sweet.  I'm not going to be asking questions and speaking for my daughter when she can do it herself. Get real lady. And I just listened to a good message and you want to come up here drinking kool-aid and don't even know the flava.

Even though my daughter did ask for herself but we, as parents, have some kind of issues within our own selves that prevents us from letting our children try things on their own. So what if they mess up? Then they will know that wasn't a good choice and they should try it another way. I told hubby that this will be the main reason for me and him to go our separate ways is because he thinks he should do everything for them. I am totally opposite. I tell them to try it first and then if they need help, I will help them but I'm not doing it for them. This goes for anything like ironing their own clothes, cooking or simply filling out forms. If we did everything for them, how in the world are they gonna become productive adults? YOU KNOW THEY WILL GROW UP AND BECOME ADULTS. Then they gonna end up coming in my office and I'll end up looking at them with THE LOOK when these grown folks come up in here with all that whining.

Let them make mistakes and learn from them. Let them fall sometimes and then get back up on their own. And as hard as it may sound, let them fail sometimes. All the "I told you so's" aren't really necessary because when they land on their face, they will think back and remember all the things you told them. They may not admit you were right but they will end up saying to somebody, "Mama (or papa) said that there would be days like this.Yep, she said it alright."

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