Monday, February 7, 2011

Dog gone it

There is a new member of our family. Hold on. Stop the presses. I know yall ain't sitting here thinking I have either popped out a baby or have gone to some agency to bring one home. Nope, nada. Shame on you for even thinking I have that kind of patience anymore. The children have a little puppy. His name is Prince. He is six weeks old. My daughter has this friend who has this dog who had puppies and well, she gave one to our daughter for free. Everyone except me was excited about bringing home a little munchkin. Our daughter said that she would take care of him and spoil him. I told her that he would have to stay out on the patio. I did have a heart though when our daughter kept going out there to check on him and to make sure he wasn't freezing. She asked me if she could keep him in her room for the night. I told her that only if she put newspapers down and to block off her room so he wouldn't get out.

I must be getting soft as I get older because I really do think I am still in shock mode for even letting them get the dog. When I wake up, I will let you all know that it was just a dream. Prince hasn't been at the house for 24 hours yet and our daughter just carries him around like he really is some kind of baby. She didn't want to go to school this morning and I told her that she has got to go. He did whine when she left him out there on the patio. I'm not even a dog person but I felt so sorry for the little puppy when he whined. That was just so sad to hear him. I had to move on and go to work and our 15 year old son kept telling our daughter that Prince will be alright until they come home from school. There really was no choice except for him to be alright. It's a dog gone world out there.

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  1. The whole time I read this I kept wondering if Prince would go with your daughter away to college or would he become YOUR puppy? LOL!