Monday, November 29, 2010

Driver license renewal

I had to go in and actually renew my driver license. The last time I renewed was online and that was about 6 years ago, so when I tried to renew it this time, I got a message saying I needed to come in and take another picture. I made an appointment and had it set that I would go in and get this picture taken and be done. NOT!! Well, I didn't have time to go by the bank and withdraw the money I would need to pay for my license, so I just figured I could just pay for it with my debit card that has a visa logo on it.

I was already flying through traffic when I left work so that I would not be late for my appointment and when I arrived and found a parking spot, I looked at my watch and realized I still had a few minutes left. I hurriedly walked inside to find a line and wondered if I could skip this line by telling them I had an appointment.....until I saw this big sign that said, "We do not take Visa, but we take Discovery and Mastercard." What the sheezy! Now what am I gonna do!!! I kindly asked someone in line where was the quickest ATM. The young man pointed up the road and said that one was at that store.

I looked back at my watch wondering if I got back in my car, then went to the ATM, then get back, would I still be on time or would I have to reschedule. Hmmm, no time to think...I hopped in my car and drove to the store....until I got to where I had to cross and wait for a light....that light took FOR-EVVVVVER to change. I kept praying the whole time that I would not have to reschedule. The light FINALLY changed and then when I got to the ATM, them jokers wanted to charge me a freaking $1.75 to use my own money. Holy crap!! I had no choice. I was up turd creek with no toilet paper. So I got the amount out for my license and proceeded to head back to the DMV......NOW WHAT!!!!!! Gotta wait for this darn long light to change again. By the time this light changed, I could have walked to Atlanta and back.

I finally arrived back at the DMV, short of a minute of being late.....but this time, no line. Whew. Thank ya Jesus! The lady asked me to come forward and I'm glad I had every document I could think of just in case because she asked for my passport or birth certificate (I had them both) my SS Card, a utility bill, my old driver license, and my car registration, and then it was over in an instant.... Now instead of the 6 years, Florida has changed it where we keep it for 8 years; but I got a pretty picture done that will last me until the next time.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Funny! It never pays to be in a hurry...that light will catch up every time! It never fails.

  2. Just got mine renewed this past week. IL is only 4 year renewal....bummer.