Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maxed out

Here I am, at home. No work this week. We are allowed so many hours of annual leave, 330 to be exact. If we go over 330, then HR takes the excess and does something or another with it but the thing is, if you go over 330, then you can't get them back. I was like, "Huh!" Ain't no way I'm gonna be having hours that I've earned and for them to be floating around in a sick leave pool somewhere. It was a good thing I checked on this and when I did, I had just rolled into 330 the very same day. I told my boss that I needed to take a couple of days off because I was at my maximum number of hours and I didn't want to lose them. She agreed. I told hubby that I may want to take a couple of days off throughout the year so that I won't be forced to take off.

So here I sit at home...WITH PAY....of course and not doing a dog gone thing. I told myself that I would take this time off to work on my paper for class. When I woke up on Monday morning, I just laid around on the couch trying to find me a few lifetime movies to watch. Hubby said he was glad to see me resting and relaxing and actually NOT doing any school work, because it seems like that is my life now. It did feel good to do absolutely nothing but I will be working on my paper later on today and tomorrow also. I will not be working on no paper during Thanksgiving. That's gonna be my family time. I'm not even gonna take any books with me when we go to MS to see my folks. Somebody, please write that down! That's gonna be a miracle.

Lovingly yours,

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