Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Blah Blahs

On yesterday, Sunday, November 21, 2010, I awoke to my 40th birthday. I was indeed grateful and thankful that the Lord allowed me to see such a glorious day and year. I had been waiting for my 40th birthday for such a long time. I can't explain why. I had wanted to go all out and throw a party for myself. It was something I had talked about for at least two years prior but nothing came into play. Life is what happened and I got busy doing STUFF. If it wasn't one thing, it was ten-thousand more. School had/has me busy like I'm writing a journalist column or something and then after my car ended up having to get fixed TWICE in one year, it just didn't happen.

I expected to feel some kind of difference on turning 40 but I didn't. You know like when you walk into a glass door expecting to walk inside or outside but instead you hit that door or when Patti LaBelle does her songs and it makes you feel like you are a backup singer for her..... WOW!

There was no one jumping from behind a door to punk me like Ashton Kutcher is always doing and Richard Gere didn't even take a limo here and surprise me. There was no cake and no ice cream, and not even no barbecue ribs off the grill. I do know one thing I did: I went to church and got a wonderful message and since there wasn't anything planned, I decided to pose for the camera a few days prior and have fun my own self. So here are my birthday pics just for you. Gotta luv yourself cause I know I luvs me sum me. :-)

Lovingly yours,