Monday, November 15, 2010

How mess gets started

I was sitting at my desk trying to do a little work and an instructor came in and wanted to know if he could just sit and chill until his next class got started. I didn't have a problem with him sitting in there as long he didn't interrupt me from doing what I had to do.

Well he wasn't in my office long, when he said, "You drinking rum?" Yall know I had to look at him quiet strange because first of all, I don't drink and then second of all, it wasn't his business if I was. So I asked him what in the ham and cheese made him ask me that?

This is what he saw on my desk:

except that he said the other part was covered up and all he saw was rum and he was gonna ask me if he could have some. Even Stevie Wonder could see this wasn't what he thought it was. Some people, I tell ya!

Lovingly yours,

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