Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My children are aliens

Hubby and I were sitting in the living room this morning as I was about to leave for work when our 14 year old son came in and just went straight for the kitchen. Normally, when he walks in the room, he says good morning and then go on about his day. So hubby said good morning first to him but I said, "Excuse me, son, but do you not see us sitting here where you couldn't say good morning when you walked in the room?" Son replies, "I was gonna say it....when I got done with breakfast." What kind of nonsense is that! By the time he finishes breakfast, I will be gone out the door. Our 17 year old daughter then yells out, "I GOT TO PEE" like she had Tourettes and that you had to catch the train to get to their bathroom.

Then on Sunday, our son was caught with his cell phone in Sunday School and he was highly upset this his S.S. teacher came to me and said he was texting. When I asked son about this, he said he wasn't checking and that he was checking the time....(anytime ya'll see stupid on my forehead, can somebody please tell me cause my kids won't tell me, mainly because that's what they see) I asked son why would he need to check his cell phone for the time when he wore a watch...and he stuck to his story, but I wasn't texting....Ok, let me put my mommy antennas on.....aha!!! He probably wasn't texting, BUT he was checking to see if someone had texted him. I told him he doesn't have a need for a cell phone while he is at church and he can either leave it at home on Sundays or leave it in the car. I also told son that if anybody is texting him on a Sunday, then maybe he should invite them to church.

Then on that very same day after church, our son locked our daughter out of the house just to get himself a laugh. She said if you don't hurry up and open this door...and then hubby told son to open the door and stop doing that to his sister. Our son replies, "well she does it to me." Wrong answer. Open the door!!

Our daughter then says, "I'M BORED!!" I said well read the Bible, it'll scare the hell out of you.
Who have these young people become?

Lovingly yours,

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  1. Never a dull moment with a teenager in the house - NEVER! Too funny and even funnier when it's someone else's house and teenager!