Friday, December 3, 2010

Stranger Danger - A must read!!

Everybody ain't good people and we, especially parents, have to let our children know and instill that in them that even though there are some good people in this world, there are still very bad people too. With that being said, this morning hubby needed to take me to work so he could use the car. No problem. So we walked out the house and got in the car that hubby had already warming up. As we sat for a minute or two, we waited for a school bus to pass us and pick up a few elementary children that had been standing at least two houses down. Right before hubby put the car in reverse, we heard a sound that was screaming...."Wait, wait." We thought it was one of our children but when we looked at the door, no one was there, and then hubby said to me that a young boy from down the street was screaming wait. He had missed the bus and this young boy, probably no older than 8, was running as fast as he could behind the bus. He had his backpack on his back and he was going as fas as he could.

Just when he thought he had gotten closer to the bus, it left. I saw this young kid just fall to the ground and started crying. I don't know why he didn't go back home and tell his mom he missed the bus or even if someone was home to take him, but it was cold and he just stay there in the middle of the street crying. Ya'll know I felt so sorry for him so when we backed out to head to work, I asked hubby to pull up beside him. I rolled down my window and asked him what school did he go to. He told me the name of the school and it would have been just maybe 5 minutes out of our way to just drop him off.

Hubby told the young boy to get in the car and that we would take him to school. The young boy got in the car and I'm thankful that we were just kind and decent people, but this boy didn't know us from Adam and Eve. He got in and was very manerable and kept saying, "Thank you sir, thank you so much." Hubby told the young boy our name and that we live on this street and that we would get him to school safely. Hubby asked the young boy what his address was and he told us his address. Hubby mentioned to me later that he was just going by his parents house to let them know what happened and that we could have been anybody and the parents wouldn't have known where their child was.

When we got to the school, the young boy was still thanking hubby. I thought about that young boy as we continued to drive and thought that every parent don't teach their children the way we have taught our children about strangers. True enough, we were trying to help but that young boy could have only seen us with decent clothes on and that we were nice. But yet, we are still strangers to this boy. He wasn't reluctant about getting in our car and he didn't know where he was until we pulled up at the school and he said, "yeah that's the school", even though we did know where it was. I am grateful that it was us who was able to help him and not someone who was a bad person.

Lovingly yours,

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  1. Wow. God definitely sent angels his way. You're right, the two of you could have been bad news.