Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My money vs. your money

My mother had given both children a gift card to use wherever they wanted to. Our daughter got an American Express one and our son got a Visa. They were thrilled to have "money of their own." So when our daughter asked when we were going to get out of the house so she could look around, we decided that today would be a good day. It wasn't too cold outside so I and hubby went with her. She wanted to go to one particular store and so I agreed to do so.

When we got there, our daughter wanted to try on a few things and I sat and waited for her to do that and so she said, "So mom, this is what I want." I said ok and she put her stuff in the buggy and we looked around a little bit more before we decided to go to the check out. When we got halfway to the check out, our daughter was in amazement that I wasn't paying for her purchase. She said that if she knew she would be paying for it with her American Express gift card, that she decided that she didn't want it anymore.

Excuse me!! She said that it's different when it's my money and her money. She said that she just wanted to walk around with money on her card knowing that she had money to spend. I looked at her and told her that she will spend it when she get to the register and that I wasn't buying her anything. She began to look sad and so I said to her, "You either buy it or you won't get it." She was shocked that the sad face didn't work. She went and paid for her purchase and we then went on home.

Lovingly yours,

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